Hackers targeted US nuclear weapons agency in massive cybersecurity breach, reports say


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Jan 9, 2011
South Jersey
The National Nuclear Security Administration and Energy Department, which safeguard the US stockpile of nuclear weapons, have had their networks hacked as part of the widespread cyber espionage attack on a number of federal agencies.
Politico reports that officials have begun coordinating notifications about the security breach to the relevant congressional oversight bodies.

Suspicious activity was identified in the networks of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Los Alamos and Sandia national laboratories in New Mexico and Washington, the Office of Secure Transportation, and the Richland Field Office of the Department of Energy.
Officials with direct knowledge of the matter said hackers have been able to do more damage to the network at FERC, according to the report.

Shaylyn Hynes, a DOE spokesperson told The Independent that the department is responding in coordination with federal and industry partners and that the investigation is ongoing and the response to this incident is happening in real time.
“At this point, the investigation has found that the malware has been isolated to business networks only, and has not impacted the mission essential national security functions of the department, including the National Nuclear Security Administration,” she said.
"When DOE identified vulnerable software, immediate action was taken to mitigate the risk, and all software identified as being vulnerable to this attack was disconnected from the DOE network.”


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Feb 22, 2005

Rudy will handle it.
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Oct 8, 2004
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yeah trumps complete negligence and destruction made this easy as fuck to accomplish i would imagine

just imagine how many shit deals were made while trump and his cronies were actually being manipulated


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Sep 5, 2020
There are 10,000+ companies affected by this. I don’t think Russia anticipated this much success.

there are a ton of companies downstream in the supply chain but it appears the effort it takes to follow up and actually get each one is not insignificant

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