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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by diaper eater, Jul 25, 2008.

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    so im always in a dream where theres a specific location thats totally familiar, always. red framed coffee shop, yet each room extends to another, and always totally deserted yet theres a tennant keeping it all square in each individual and completely different room setting. next thing i know i've climbed the front steps to the bus station with my friends (/my coworkers). we wait for the bus n shit. spend some time taking the bus place to place trying to figure out where i plan to go. that indecisive plan plots out each time, yet only formulates when i know where im going.
    where i plan to go is always unknown, yet in the singular episode remembered... we go further upwards in the physical structure (usually after an unknown injury of my own that was healed in the process.) me and an unknown friend continue alone on through the streets littered with illicit actions and drugs and guns and everything bad. somehow it is still all natural and comfortable as we march down the street... next thing you know we see flashing headlights at us for the common (yet to us uncommon) drive by. we drop for the gunfire......

    get up... another driveby a block away.

    next thing you know theres shooting everywhere... me and the unknown friend split for safety.. i climb some mad hill, slip under a fence to what looks like the relief to all this chaos. mf'er shoots at me. looks like i stumbled upon the gang compound. i dip down the hill and to the side where i find myself in the ranks of the resistance army. they give me a gun, boots and a hat, so that the boots and hat let them know im friendly. next thing i know im shooting druglords from the top of the ridge. i know im fucked when ive fallen into their compound armed and suited.

    i run outta ammo shooting at one... he replies with "you out too?"

    so they think im on their side... pretend to fight with them for the rest...

    we get to the coast and i see 20' x 20' x 10' floating bricks of what is confirmed to be cocaine. garbage truck interferes and i inquire... we/they have the whole city on lock and get away with it all.

    that was the dream.. i feel like much of it was directed by other means (drug content) yet so much of it was chosen on my own. lots of details were left out simply because i couldnt write them down as fast as i remembered them this morning after it happened. the setting is totally recurring, yet each outcome from that setting is totally unique. this one stuck out to me mostly because of its drug impression, considering i dont do them.

    so mad :run:

    not a storywriter, put mostly cliff notes :sad2: tried my best.
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    I can't begin to tell you what the hell that means, but I suffer from WEIRD dreams too. The most you can do is tell yourself that it's just a dream and that it's simply impossible for some of those things to happen. Don't think about that bull like president lincoln dreaming that he would die and he did. That stuff is just a fluke. That plot really is creepy though :/

    I've kind of had a dream come true, but it was just something stupid. I dreamt that I was going to makeout with this guy and it happened like the next night in the same way the dream occurred. (I'm not a forward person. I would never kiss anyone till they kissed me first). It was just weird. At one point I was like wtf am I sleeping again?
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    Dreams aren't weird. No matter how freakish the content.

    Excellent dream recall is an indication of poor/irregular sleep quality.

    Try being narcoleptic. I could tell you some fucking things.
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    The last dream I remember was I was Hitler in this theme park running through screaming at people all in Black and White and then waiting for this MASSIVE train, the size of a building heigh-wise. It was quite surreal.

    Oh yeah, and I had this other one where I was with the people from South Park, and I picked up a lamp-post, and then these things like the announcements in shops said to get in to the nearest building, which was this lighthouse, so we all went in, and this man came and got me (the others had gone somewhere,) to play Sonic R with him non-stop for hours, so I went on his computer to go on MSN, and I didn't say anything, and then I think I found this shotgun, and he got scared and jumped out of the window. He was a Paedophile. And then I was talking to this girl I fancied in her car (she's the same age as me, 14,) eating sweet and sour chicken.


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