MMA had my first Muay Thai and Boxing tonight !

Discussion in 'OT Bar' started by smell my finger, May 5, 2007.

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    :mamoru: ok i wont post any more of these, but it's fun.

    first 45 minutes was an intro Muay Thai thing where we worked on standing clenches and how to break them. the biggest thing I noticed was that when I was clenching the back of someone's head, they could get their arms back up and inside mine fairly easily.. i couldn't bring my elbows in far enough to guard against that :rant: ... but it was good practice and my neck will be sore tomorrow.

    already pretty tired from the cardio warm up and cool down for muay thai, the boxing was a killer .. before we got into jab and jab/cross sparring, we did a lot of in-place cardio and pushups, im not used to high repetitino training :squint:

    the actual boxing was very informative.. i need to work on my defense a lot. I was fine with some of the people that were there just for exercise or whatever, but there was one kid who I kept going against that was really quick and obviously a fighter.. about 6 foot and no more than 170, fairly young russian kid. he popped me a couple times in the jab sparring pretty good.. i didnt' keep my hands in close enough or protect my stomach enough. oh well, good times over all though

    cliffs: need to work on clenching defense and boxing defense.
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    first time there, youll get better. keep it up :bigthumb:
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    Someone's neck is going to freakin sore tomorrow :bigthumb:

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