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    Hi everyone! I'm from Canada, I'm posting for the first time, I've never had a friend online to talk to about staying clean, and this past weekend, I had a huge relapse, and well I've taken the time off of work, for the second time to figure out myself, and getting the right addiction counciler! I'm a dual user, and its been 3 days now since I've last used. I am an alcoholic and coke user. Really my purpose to post on here, is this is the first time I've found a forum that I might find some friends that I can talk to on msn, aim or yahoo, even icq. I'de like to have someone contact me, to talk to about how to stay clean and sober, with the other help I'm seeking in person. I'm online 24/7 just not here sometimes, because I'm working. I'm very confused and fuzzy in my mind still, and physically I'm getting better. Having online friends that I can talk to would really make me very happy!

    Here are my contacts:
    MSN: [email protected]
    AIM: MuZiCfUnKmAsTa
    Yahoo: mix_masta99
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    this toilet earth

    welcome to R2R. Our contact information is in a previous thread, do yourself a favor and ad us.

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