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    I started a relapse prevention IOP program, 3x3hrs/week. Great program, small group with a decent percentage of good, honest people. Early on we tell our background, from childhood through present, focussing on experiences with alcohol/drugs. At the end of my presentation, as a few other people had suggested it to me, I ask if the group thinks I should move into a halfway house.

    Now, I share a 2800ft^2 house with my roomate, a daily drinker. He puts down 3-4 doubles everyday after work, then goes to bed. He's supportive of my decision to stop drinking and even hid his single bottle.

    The group recommends I join the halfway house. I couldn't argue with their collective experience. I visit a few and settle on the place with the fewest active users. It's a solid facility, albeit the chain of command and communication are quite disorganized.

    Night 1: I meet my roomate. Great guy. Gay, a waiter at the Hard Rock Cafe, very considerate. He does, however, scream (I mean LOUD) in his sleep and remembers nothing in the morning. Quite weird. It was a restless night in a new bed that left me dragging in the morning.

    Night 3: Third guy moves into room. He's young, but determined. He's restless. The combination of those two means no one slept well that night. More of the same restlessness, punctuated by 3-4 wakes by the roomie.

    Night 4: We track down a quieter matress for the young guy. I'm beat after several 3-4 hours of sleep nights. I go to bed early. Get maybe 3-4 hours again due to screamer.

    I sent an email to the program director explaining my situation. I'd have done it in person but I work 7:30a-4:30p, then go to IOP 5:30p-8:30p. I receive no response.

    Night 5: Same old crap. Young guy moves across the hall so he can sleep. I contacted another actual employee to explain my situation and am told "I don't have time for you."

    Nights 6-7: More of the same. I fall asleep at work. I lash out at someone in IOP, then am confronted. Later, I fall asleep in IOP.

    Night 8: hit the sack @ 10pm after being denied a requested change of room. I'm woken up by two new roomates at 10:30, then again at 11:00 for bedchecks, then again at 11:30 by the new roomates. One new guy mentions that he snores very loudly.

    I returned a book I'd borrowed from another resident, speak to whoever was at the front desk, then leave for my house to get some sleep.

    Today's day 9 (day 32 of sobriety) according to the schedule above. I slept most of the morning, woke up to eat and leave a message for an employee of the house, then went back to sleep through the afternoon and evening. Finally, I'm starting to feel like me again.

    I almost broke down last night on my way here, being tired and pissed at the world.

    I found two things very ironic about the whole experience. One is that I was suppossed to receive support from poeple that have little means to support themselves. The other is that I went to the house for structure and the situation did nothing but attempt to destroy the structure I'd already built. Well, not nothing, as it's very easy for me to isolate in this house.

    There's a bit more to the annoyances that I diddn't go into. Anyways, if you have any experience to add while I sort out wtf just happenned, I'd be happy to hear it.
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    Do you have a sponsor yet? I think that sponsorship is VERY important in soberity no matter if you have 32 days or 32 years. I agree that living with a drinker would be very dangerous in early soberity but there may be another solution for you, hard to say over the internet but please talk to a sponsor. I know you do IOP and gain insight from the group but a sponsor is one person who can get to know you. Pick someone with some years and some one who has what you want. If you want to be a Dad some day find a family man ect.

    Good luck to you!
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    this toilet earth
    again, as curt said-GET A SPONSOR! at least try him out, you can always throw'em back!

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