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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by (>")>, Aug 7, 2003.

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    they've been regaled as "Blue-Eyed Soul" but these guys are vastly talented...from songs like Maneater to Sara Smile, they never fail to impress

    anyone have any favorite songs?
    sara smile
    i can't go for that

    the voice is so smooth
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    I love their 80s albums and for some reason I can't really jive to their new songs, except maybe a few. This is true with alot of my favorite 80s/ early 90s bands.

    favorites are :

    Everything your heart desires
    I can't go for that
    Kiss is on my list
    Las Vegas turnaround
    One on One

    The first and last are probably my 2 most favorite songs, One and one & Everything your heart desires
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    ooo.... lets see.

    sara smile
    I cant go for that
    kiss is on my list
    baby come back

    those are my faves

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