Halloween John Carpenter/Rob Zombie

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by antiabercrombie, Dec 23, 2007.

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    Something always made me question Carpenter’s Halloween and watching Zombie’s remake last night made me question it even more.

    In Carpenter’s, it opens with Michael killing his sister after her “date” leaves and then the parents come home. Then you meet Jamie Lee Curtis and that’s supposed to be Michael’s sister, even though she’s never mentioned in the beginning.

    So, what happened to the parents in the beginning of the movie and where was Curtis as a baby? Are the people she’s living with her foster parents? They give her a key and tell her to “drop it by the old Myer’s place,” so maybe it is?

    In Zombie’s remake, he explains this way better, and you would think they would have touched on it in the original.

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