ART Halp! Color theory fail. Need advise on glazing...

Blue Wing Olive

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Mar 14, 2010
Mid Atlantic
Halp! I made my underpainting too dark & brown, even though I am shooting for a chiascuro painting (dramatic, dark shadows and dark background).

Now, I have to add more layers of color and the shadows on the cloth are too dark and too brown already. I'm trying to find ways to neutralize the brown and continue with the painting without ruining it.

I'm taking an oil painting class and am still learning color theory. I have a good selection of transparent oils for glazing, tho, and am not above experimenting/wiping off.

No I am not a real artist, have only had a couple of classes so I don't have enough experience to plan the underpainting and glaze layers accurately.

(The image as displayed on my computer is redder than the actual panel.)


I am going to put another glaze layer on the teapot and am thinking of just going ahead with the first thin black glaze on the background and shadows so I can establish a better reference on the values.

I started out hoping for this kind of value/color scheme:


I'm hoping maybe I can rescue the value and color scheme and maybe shoot for this:


Any suggestions or comments would be helpful!

Thanks in advance to any who reply.
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Dec 16, 2010
I never really dove in to oils as much as I wish I had in my education. So I don't have a ton of feedback. However, the only thing that seems to be effected so far is the tea pot. It seems to have flattened it. The glass and the tangerine look great. Looking deeper into it, I think you've made the teapot either too reflective, or too bright. I can't tell which it is, it just seems too....something.
Blue Wing Olive

Blue Wing Olive

Woman on the Edge
Mar 14, 2010
Mid Atlantic
The teapot is actually mine, and I have it right here (the teacher used it in her still life) It's got a transparent blue glaze over red clay, so I'm trying to match that.

I'll put another semitransparent glaze layer of paint on the pot in the painting, then put down a layer of ivory black on the background and post the results.

Thank you for the feedback! !!

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