Halp: Keyboard gets PWR, but doesn't work in XP

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Morgan06, Dec 6, 2008.

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    This is for my father's computer, so if you need more specific info it may take a little while to obtain it- I don't have it right in front of me.

    Tried both a wired PS/2 and USB keyboard, no recent updates (according to him), Windows Restore will fix the problem, tried a regedit 'upper/lower value' fix without result, consistently works in BIOS, numlock lights up in XP- but can't type, runs AVG and some other protection software with a flame ball in the systray on startup.

    Any ideas? :dunno:

    edit* And he's not old person computer retarded per say, but I wouldn't completely rule out him causing the problem. No new parts, he built this almost a year ago without any hiccups in between then and now.
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    Open Device Manager and delete all the user interface devices. Then reboot and let Windows find them again.

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