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Discussion in 'OT Bar' started by Skeletor, Feb 21, 2007.

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    searching for boxing/mt stuff and found some cool vids for hand wrapping.

    - this style was new to me.. I tried it and I definitely liek it a lot because of the extra padding trick in the beginning. The only thing I would do different is rather than looping the wrap between the fingers, I prefer to loop it around the finger and pull back down the back of the hand... I feel like that pulls my hand bones together better and really keeps things in line.

    - this vid has two styles. the first sucks because it simply doesn't give enough protection to the knuckles... it wraps them but it doesn't adequately bind them to the wrist IMO. The second style however is very good, and it also shows that "looping around the finger" technique that I mentioned. This is basically how I've been wrapping my knuckles since I was a kid.

    - this one is like nothing i've ever seen before in terms of organization, however it looks solid.
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    awesome :bigthumb: I'm really diggin the first one. I'll have to practice that a few times.
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    I basically wrap my hands like in the first link, except when I go between fingers I take the remaining wrap and go underneath the wrap covering my hand. I like the method in the 1st one, seems a lot faster, I'm gonna try it.

    My instructor showed me how to do bully wraps, basically you fold up the wrap and cover it over your knuckles, but then you fold it in half so you create a real real thick pad. It literally looks and feels like you're hiding a roll of quarters!

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