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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Skoles, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Skoles

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    How do you like it compared to MacTheRipper?

    I'm debating on getting an iPod Video so I was going to rip some DVD's to see if I find a setting I like and to see how fast it goes.

    Right now I'm using Handbrake and I'm ripping Finding Nemo (WS) @ 320x176 in the H.264 format w/44k 128kbps audio. It's just started and says it's going to take 55min for a 1hr 40min movie (not bad I think).

    I'm working on my
    Dual 2.3ghz G5 (dual cpu)
    2.5gb of RAM
    250gb SATA HD (16mb cache)
  2. Skoles

    Skoles Guest

    Video quality & sound were really nice. Crisp image & decent sound all weighing in at 813mb.

    Now I'm reripping it @ a target size of 700mb in mpeg4 format with the same audio settings and the video @ 480xwhatever was the aspect ratio. Ripping is only going to take ~40min tho it dropped to 30 pretty quick.
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    I prefer handbrake...not as buggy. I use MactheRipper to create DVD images then I use handbrake to convert them to be used on the iPod.

    use the mpeg4 format instead of the h.264...its recommended for ipod video.

    and they have a beta Instant Handbrake out that only converts for iPod video...I used it and even though it was slower than Handbrake itself, its much easier to use if you don't want to change the setting each time.
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    Jan 9, 2006
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