GUN Handcuffed burglar killed after abducting policewoman and stealing police car

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    Handcuffed burglar killed after abducting Ashdod policewoman
    By Mijal Grinberg and Roni Singer-Heruti, Haaretz Correspondents
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    Police on Tuesday shot and killed a burglar after he had kidnapped a policewoman, while he was handcuffed, from the Ashdod police station and threatened to kill her.

    A policeman was lightly wounded in an exchange of gunfire with the kidnapper, who was identified as Eyal Peretz.

    At around 4:00 A.M. police arrested a resident of the southern town. Police were already familiar with him as a local burglar, and actually caught the 30-year-old in the act, while he was holding stolen jewelry.

    After the arrest, police handcuffed Peretz and took him into custody at the Ashdod police station. During his interrogation there, however, he managed to grab a gun from a nearby policewoman and held it against her head.

    Holding his hostage at gunpoint, Peretz exited the station and forced police to give him the keys to a patrol car, in which he fled from the scene with the policewoman.

    Police subsequently gave chase after the car, which was heading on Highway 40 in the direction of the central town of Lod.

    Police succeeded in stopping the vehicle at an junction near the town, at which point the kidnapper opened fire on the officers, wounding one in the leg. Police returned fire, aiming at the car's tires, but when the kidnapper held the gun up against his hostage's head, they shot and killed him.

    "I was terrified, realizing I was about to be killed," said the policewoman, speaking to her superiors who came to visit her in the Assaf Harofeh Hospital at the Tzrifin military base. She requested to remain anonymous.

    A police panel has been established to investigate the incident.

    Police deputy commissioner Shahar Ayalon commended the actions of the police forces in dealing with Peretz, describing them as being quick and accurate.

    "When the situation's severity became clear and the lives of the policewomen and other civilians were undoubtedly in danger, police had no choice but to hurt him," he said.


    More proof women shouldn't be cops. Good shooting by those cops though
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    what, she didnt have a BUG?

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