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    I have a Compaq Presario laptop 2800. I received it in 2002 as gift for college. Never had a problem with it. Tuesday night I turned the laptop completely off. Wednesday morning, I turned it on and it came to the black screen with the large red Compaq logo in which it always does but above the logo is says 1782 - Disk Controller Failure. Below the logo is it says F10= Rom Based Set-up and to the right of that says F12= Network Service Boot?? I have never had this problem ever before. I got out my Compaq Recovery Disk to just dump the computer and restore it it's original out of box stage. The disc starts up and comes to the select a language screen. I select English and hit enter to continue with the disc and it brings me to a black screen with the following message that disc information is not correct, please insert correct cd and restart. I then inserted every other Compaq CD I that was received with my laptop and none worked at all. I called Compaq support last night and got some dude who I could barely understand. I told him everything that went wrong and he gave me all this fucking mumbo jumbo and I just put it on the line for him and asked if my hard drive was fried and he goes yea you could say that. I started looking at some HD's last night and found this one called the Seagate Barrcuda 160 GB Internal Hard drive at Best Buy for $129.00. Is this really a hard drive problem I am having or is it something else? And if it my hard drive, do you reccommend the Seagate, I have read some good reviews on it and read some bad ones about Western and Maxtor. Thanks for your help!
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    first of all, you need a LAPTOP hard drive.. That seagate is a desktop drive.

    And lastly, it may not even be the drive. Either the HDD or the controller is bad.

    Is it in warranty? If so, send it back. If not, take it to a shop and pay them about $30 to figure out if it's the drive or not. If it's the drive, buy a new one (a 40GB notebook drive is about $95) if it's the controller, then you need to find a new motherboard -- good luck.

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