Hard drive making musical Tone?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by BowtieGuy, May 14, 2003.

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    Hard drive making musical Tone? ***update***

    Have a Maxtor hard drive that i just bought like a month ago and now when i hook it to any system i hear a weird audible almost musical tone, about every 5 seconds. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this? I will probably run the max blast software and see if that does anything. HELP!

    I called Maxtor and the rep wanted to hear the noise, so i turned the PC on and he says "Ok, Mr Dugan, we're going to have to replace that drive"
    Evidently the arm is stuck somewhere and it cant get free. So since I was going to get a new drive i wanted to see if i could salvage some of the stuff off that one. I took it out the case and held it next to my ear and shook it lightly. I heard a dragging sound. So i shake it harder and all of a sudden it sounds like it came free and the sound stopped. So the hard drive works now and i can read the files, so im waiting on the new 120 so i can transfer to it, and then ship them this one :bigthumb:
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    Hard to say exactly what that could be, sounds like it has to be something rubbing does it always make the noise or just when the disk is spinning. I would rma it no matter what though, maxtor is pretty good about that just go to their website look up the phone number and call them and explain it to them and ask for a replacement.
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    Internal alarm? I mean is it consistant or is just random? Never heard of it myself - I'd phone Maxtor now while it's under warranty. That's what they're there for.
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    so for some reason i destroy hard drives. if in fact this one is broken it would be the 5th one in like a year's time. I dont treat them bad or anything and they always have a fan on them heh. shrug
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    bump for update
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    Thanks for the update, glad everything worked out OK.

    I am also glad that you called tech support before I posted because I would have told you to take it to a clean place, take the lid off, power it up and see what the problem was. :big grin::big grin::big grin:
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    the new 120 came in the other day and im posting from it now. i was able to copy all files from the old drive, so now i have to pack it up and send it off :)

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