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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by mannyace, Jun 23, 2004.

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    I'm getting a new comp soon with 250 GB of disk space (one physical hard drive)

    FIRST, can I partion it like this:
    C: 25 GB install Windows XP Pro here
    D: 125 GB other data
    E: 100 GB other data

    SECOND, If I can do the above and I put data on D and E, but then I change my mind about my partioning... can I combine them to make one big D drive w/o having to move/back up data?

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    Yes and Yes
    As for partitioning before you put anything on it, usually most HDD makers will include a boot floppy that will format it and let you partition it using GUI, which is a hell of a lot easier than trying to do it with fdisk.

    As for combining the partitions laters, yes but you'll have to use a program that can do it with out having to reformat and partition the complete drive and for this I suggestion Partition Magic (PM). PM will not only merge/combine the partitions it'll also take the data on the 1 partition to be merged and create a folder on the merge-to drive and put that data in there and then remap the drive's info, which basicly means it'll scan the registry and shortcuts (and I'm not sure what else) and anything that said, let's say, D:\ will now be C:\D-Drive\ and then everthing that was E:\ will now be D:\ and it'll also follow that buy any other drive letters you have after that, like your CD/DVD drive(s).
    I've done this myself and it works great. The only problem being when it's done any programs you have in the new folder that is for the old drive letter, you either can't move, have to reinstall, or move and then spend God knows how long cleaning it up in the registry and shortcuts and anything else.
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    the whole program moving thing shouldnt be a problem cuz C: will be jus windows, D: will jus be apps and E: will everything else... until E: fills up im not puttin anythin else in C: and D: and so if i merge drives D: will already have the progs installed there initially

    thanks alot
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    I personally have had bad experiences with PM. I would only ever use it again if the data was backed up, or I didn't care one way or another if the info was lost. I even had a hell of a time getting the screwed up portion of the drive back to useable space because of it :mad:

    Before you ask, you may have problems recognizing the large HD in your system - depending on how old it is and which OS you are running so be prepared for the "THIS PIECE OF JUNK HAS ONLY HAS 130 GIGS ON IT!?!? WTF?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!"

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