Has anyone ever heard of the movie, “Karate Warrior 2”?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by tom37211, Jul 24, 2006.

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    In the late 80’s, I was the manager of a Ben and Jerry’s. The owner leased out the store for a half a day to use it as a set for a “B” grade, hop-and-chop, karate movie called “Karate Warrior 2“. He asked me to be there to keep an eye on things. (Prior to that job, I was stationed in Italy in the AF and had gotten out not even a year prior to that.) The producer/director was some Italian dude. Long story short, I talked myself into getting a part as an extra to the point where I even got to speak a line on camera. (“Hey you kids, take it outside or I am calling the cops!!!) They did around 5 takes on me and paid me $100.00 cash. Sadly, I never heard of that movie again till last week. I had just forgotten about it and moved on. Anyway, for what ever reason, that movie popped into my head last week so I googled it. Not only was it released, (in Europe apparently), it was also released on VHS as well. If ANYONE has a copy or knows where I can get a copy, I would be grateful and I would make it worth the effort. Please let me know via post or PM.

    Cliffs: Looking for a copy of a movie where I had a bit part in. :x:

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