TAT Have a weird question about getting a PA.

Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by lazarus, Apr 16, 2010.

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    This is gonna sound strange, but I suspect that my urethra isn't as straight as it should be. When I piss, it takes a lot of shaking to squeeze the last few drips out that I can still feel inside. This makes me think that maybe there might be a kink or two in there, or something like that. This has made me worried about getting the piercing because obviously they have to stick a tube up there, and I'd imagine that if I'm right, it could easily break the skin if it hits an obstruction or something.

    I know this sounds like a stupid thing to be worried about, but does anyone know if this is actually possible or am I just being stupid? And how far up does the tube go? :sadwavey:
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    The receiving tube only goes "up in there" a fraction of an inch. On mine, the bottom hole (I have an apadravya but started with a PA) is a ittle over 1/4 inch back from the opening of the urethra. I would imagine on folks with different anatomy it could go a little more than that.

    I would discuss your fears with your piercer but I would not be worried about him/her jamming a tube up the end of your cock and breaking any skin.

    And get used to the frantic shake/squeeze/tug to get the last of the urine out. Mine is 100% worse with jewelry in :hs:
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    I wouldn't worry about it

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