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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by playrude88, Jul 30, 2002.

  1. playrude88

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    someone told me about these subs for car audio. does anyone know how good they are. this guy that told me about them claimed that they will spank any eclipse, audiobahn, or any "high end" subwoofer out there. hes talkin about the 12's and 15's on that site. can anyone confirm this? thanx for the help


  2. Buck-O

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    Ive got a shiva sittingin my living room...and i have yet to find another home theater sub under $3500 that can even come close to touching it.

    Adire = GOOD SHIT!
  3. 04

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    Well, he is probably right. Now, you were not specific on which line would "spank all other brands" but if he was refering to the Brahma, then yes, they have I believe the highest DUMAXED xmax. Audiomobile might have a higher xmax, but without other parameters the spec is unfortunatly rather vague. In any case, the Brahma is an EXCELLENT woofer, and will beat just about any other subwoofer in its class, given optimum conditions.

    As for the others the Tempest and the Shiva, they are more of a budget woofer, and were designed for home use. But they work fine in a car too.
  4. playrude88

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    well, the shiva were made for car audio werent they? if not then i dont want to put them in my car.
  5. 04

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    :ugh2: :ugh2: :ugh2: :ugh2:

    I hope to God that you are refering to commercial complete subwoofer packages that you compared the Shiva to. But still, you really have been listening to some crappy 3.5K systems if they cannot surpass a single 12" driver. I believe that Martin Logan (cant remember the brand) that Loudsystem wanted was around that price. It had 3 10" drivers, it should have more output than a single Shiva.

    Don't get me wrong, Adire makes an EXCELLENT product. But its not like they are some miracle subwoofer that will bring anything else (regardless of price) to its knees. For its price, however, it and other DIY fabrications will beat their retail counterparts usually by a large margin.
  6. playrude88

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    i think he might have meant 350..not sure though
  7. 04

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    No, they were designed for home audio. But why would that mean they wouldnt be good in the car? MANY people use them in cars without ANY problems. Given their extremely low freeair resonance they can be placed in very small enclosures. They have a rather high Xmax too, which allows for high output.

    9 times out of 10 you can use a home driver in a car without any problems. It just depends on your application whether or not it is a good choice for you.

    To start, why dont you tell us your vehicle, the amplifier you will be using, the cargo space you will sacrifice for the box, your musical tastes, and your loudness preference. Then we can help you decide what is right for you.


    Adire does make great products but sometimes i fail to see the huge talk up of em. Dont get me wrong they are nice and if you own em use em to their fullest :)

    and yes i do hope he meant 350 for a sub not 3500..

    i wonder what 3 id maxes with 1kw to each would sound like :eek:
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    wana find out :naughty:
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