SRS Have you left the house, traveled or just stayed home for this entire pandemic? Now with a POLE

What've you done since the lockdown?

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Internet Crew
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Mar 13, 2011
I realize it probably has a lot to do with where you live, but just wondering. I work with people all over place, most seem to have gone back to a semi normal life (taking precautions of course) and others are still paranoid about leaving their house.

We have been very careful, but we've gone back to going to the grocery store and ordering food delivery on a pretty normal basis. Everything is touch free, we wear masks and use a hell of a lot more hand sanitizer than before. We have even gone hiking and gone out to dinner with friends to try to maintain a social life and not go insane, staying socially distant and sitting outside and all that. Even drove half way across the country and back for a family thing.

I live out West and things seem fairly ok there, been back East for work and people seem literally scared to leave their houses and are still roasting people for traveling any real distance from home. What have OTers been doing?
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I flow like butterbeer on Diagon streets
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Jun 9, 2003
Go to the hospital 12-15 times a month. Went to visit my parents in Michigan in August.


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Feb 18, 2004
Its not scared to leave the house. its an excuse to not have to go deal with assholes in society. and its glorious.

We went to vermont to an airbnb in june. we've been to the beach. we refuse to eat in a restaurant. we do takeout a couple times a week on purpose to support local places.

come oct we will lock down a bit more again. less takeout. bigger grocery store trips.

I wont mock people who stay home and are IMO over the top. everyone has their level they wanna be at. frankly if we all acted like that it would have been over long ago for us.

Joseph Scumsworth

I’m your dirty little vegetable
Sep 10, 2002
Quad Shitties
Pretty much live as we normally do and just use common sense with regard to masks, sanitizing, cleaning, etc.

It doesn’t really say much since we’re homebodies first the most part, but a family visit a couple times a month and some trips to the store 1-2x/week isn’t unreasonable imo.
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Sep 1, 2003
The A
Pretty much live as we normally do and just use common sense with regard to masks, sanitizing, cleaning, etc.
This except for avoiding large crowds, restaurants, haven’t traveled either. Wife still has to go into work and her family still lives too close to avoid. Haven’t seen close friends either as that’s the trade off in our mind for interacting with family.


I am reality and I crash the party
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Apr 21, 2004
Working against keeping ATX weird
Dog gets walked many times a day. I haven’t eaten INSIDE a restaurant yet. Many meals to go one outside restaurant 2 outdoor bars (picnic tables) visited parents 4x. Mask everywhere indoors. 4x grocery stores also. Mostly I use amazon fresh though

and one outdoor bocce game with 7 other work from home buddies


OT Supporter
May 23, 2003
Haven't traveled at all since March, we go out to get things we need from the store and will order/pickup food maybe once a week. Wouldn't even considering eating out anywhere yet.

Not a whole lot different from before pandemic tbh :o except the travel part, I normally go to Chicago once a month and to FL every couple months for a rocket launch.
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Lester Burnham

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Oct 10, 2006
I've been working from my kitchen alone all day, grocery store runs and takeout twice a week, see gf almost daily, visit parents are other friends typically once a week and hangout on a patio or something. I've eaten in restaurants maybe six times since they reopened dine-in in June.

I got covid-19 in July and recovered. Went on first out of town trip last weekend to Asheville and stayed in a hotel (car ride there). I still wear a mask whenever I go into store or public area. Not afraid of reinfection though.

I'd say it's been somewhat normal life; just fewer restaurants, movies, events, and travel.

digital jello

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Mar 14, 2006
Generally stayed put. Go for walks daily. Go to an outdoor bar once a week or so. Otherwise we don’t go anywhere.


S is for Shiksa
May 6, 2000
NW Mejicooooooo
My wife has worked every day and the baby has been in day care throughout this. I have been home every day since March with the two older ones. I do as much work from home as possible but go out in the evenings and weekends to do stuff that can't be handled remotely.

My wife has done a combination of in-store shopping and delivery. We regularly pick up food at restaurants. The only restaurant we've actually eaten at since March is a little taco place that has a few well-spaced tables outside. I wipe it down with Chlorox wipes before sitting. Restaurants are open again at limited capacity but I have no interest. Even their makeshift outdoor seating is way too close for my comfort so I'm not doing it.

The kids have had a few outdoors play dates with friends since June. My parents have been over a few times, but always outdoors. We go for walks and bike rides around the neighborhood but avoid parks with crowded sidewalks or bike paths.

I've love to go for a drive, especially when its 90 degrees in the house, but it seems like every public restroom is closed. Venturing too far from home with kids and no restrooms available is a no-go. We have zero plans to fly, drive any distance, attend any large gatherings, or get the kids into indoor activities until we're all vaccinated.


KungFlu Crew #002
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I'm not back to normal, masks at all times in public, runs to the store.

More risky is having to go upstate nearly every weekend, I'm eating takeout a lot up here and having dinner with a friend in a local diner once in a while. That's the extent of that.

Did go to a funeral in Massachusetts last week. Other than that we stay home.
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Oct 9, 2001
Plano, TX
I haven’t eaten a thing outside of my house since March.
Grocery store every two weeks, occasional Home Depot run here and there, and I hang out at my neighbor’s (in his garage drinking beer) once a week or so.
That’s about it. I stay home. I went to the office once back in May to get some shit.

Now that it’s cooling off outside, I’ll take my kid to the park pretty regularly.


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Sep 8, 2006
Arlington Texas
I no longer go out to eat. i no longer take my dog to the dog park. i no longer visit walking trails. my dog is getting fat. i cook a hell of a lot more to pass the time. i'm to the point that i grind my own meats, and bake my own breads. because i make things from scratch, i have been grocery shopping about once every four to six weeks. hell i've even bought my own deli slicer. I went to get my hair cut for the first time since February, so i guess that's progress for me :dunno:


I am reality and I crash the party
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Apr 21, 2004
Working against keeping ATX weird
Wedding the end of October that I don’t really look forward to being in but I need to. Kinda wish they’d just get docs signed. (Another friend got married with just her parents and sisters family which makes far more sense)


Vax me Trudaddy
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Dec 16, 2007
Calgary, AB
Lots of road trips to small towns and rural/natural locations, but in probably 6 trips and 30 hrs out and about we've gone into a small town store twice for maybe 5 mins and one empty restaurant for a meal.


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Jun 30, 2003
I've done it all. Stayed in and didn't even go to grocery stores in the beginning. Flown across the country for work, taken roadtrips just to get out. Have gone out to eat plenty of times. I just avoid crowded places and follow the guidelines.


Calcutta Viper
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Oct 18, 2004
Digital Nomad
Go to the office M-F, meet with random clients, did an in person deposition in Miami for a few hours, went to Disney World, been out to eat at restaurants, been doing all our household shopping, etc.

I wear a mask and hope for the best I guess


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Sep 8, 2000
Been on vacation once, 4 hour drive. Shop as normal for the things we need with masks. Stay home for the most part though and work from home

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