Haven't been to the gym since a few weeks before the OT meat.

Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by Demon Of Dreams, Jul 29, 2005.

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  1. Demon Of Dreams

    Demon Of Dreams Feed me with lies and hate, and from that, I will

    Dec 27, 2001
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    Cruisin' Mos Espa
    and its time I got back.

    I moved out from my ex's apartment at the end of april, and by mid-may I was down to 238 from 265 (285 in december)

    Now, as Monday is August 1st, I am starting anew, no bullshit, no lies, no fucking up, putting myself first over all else, because I need to do it for me once again.

    My goal ultimately should just be fat loss for awhile, so between now and december, that is what I'm going to work on.

    I've not got a current weight, current #'s for weights, or current measurements, though I'm going to get the majority of that on Monday. So I'll probably put them in there.

    Now on to the actual "what what what" part of this thread.

    My diet will basically consist of 3 solid meals, 3-4 protein shakes throughout the day and hardboiled eggs when I can have them.
    Here's more or less how it will go
    42g Protein shake + caffiene for breakfast
    1 or 2 hardboiled eggs about an hour after
    2 chicken breasts and veggies for lunch
    25g protein shake with milk (or water, depending), and caffiene about 2 hours later
    2 hardboiled eggs (if I can, depending on work)
    2 chicken breasts and veggies for dinner
    25g protein shake before bed along with 1 or 2 cups of cottage cheese + pears

    Now, working where I work, I've ample access to all veggies and meat I really need, unfortunately, I work for a california pizza kitchen, so my tendency to go off my diet and have a pizza is a big one sometimes. Figure one day a week I should probably do it just to get carb cravings out of the way.

    Now, for what I am considering:
    ephedra/caffiene stack because I'm a fucking caffiene addict as it is.
    supplements will consist of tyrosine, carnitine, glucosamine, glutamin, arginine, chondroitin, collagen hydrolysate (because I haven't any good cartilidge in my knees or elbows, or much of anywhere else anymore), obviously creatine, melatonin because I can't sleep worth a fuck anymore. These will be spread out, some for only workout days, some daily, some mixed with protein shakes, others taken together with water before my morning protein shake.
    I've researched the benefits of them all, most of them boost certain things in your brain, as well as promote a better environment for fatloss on the body.

    there are some I've looked over, and might eventually use but for now its a start. atleast half of those are already in the protein shakes and powder that I use, along with BCAA's, and a liquid multivitamin ... for those who don't care for much supplement use, fine, but don't give me some crap about it being too much, I've experienced the benefits of the majority of those throughout the last few years when I do go to the gym, so I know atleast what I'm getting into with them.

    the majority of them will be powders, but I've given thought to making my own capsules, however, I fucking hate pills, so I can just as easilly mix them with protein shakes or water or vitamins and call it good.

    Anyway, the rest:
    My diet will be lower than 1500 calories, 5 days a week I am on my feet for no less than 6 hours a day, sometimes as long as 12-13 hours a day, and on my days not working I will most certainly be at the gym (and some of the days I am working I will be as well)

    My shifts are something like this:
    Monday - Off
    Tuesday - 3-10
    Wednesday - Off
    Thursday - 3-10
    Friday - 10-midnight
    Saturday -10-9
    Sunday - 10-11

    I don't do a whole lot of cardio at the gym, I run around a lot during my day at work, and often go to the gym soon after I get off work.
    But what would be some good recommended splits for working out?
    Legs I will probably do wednesday, and hit again on my break on Saturday or Sunday (well hit certain areas again, not all of them), Monday I'd like to do upper body. I need to focus a lot on fatloss in my thighs, ass and stomach, and while I know target fat loss doesn't exactly work, I need to be able to do some specific exercises that will basically just destroy those areas and make me fucking hurt.
    Lunges, Squats, etc for legs I know, but upper body I have much less experience with unfortunately.
    I have a tendency to work the shit out of my calves, hamstrings and quads, but inner thigh area and overall just leg fat I want to work more.
    Need some advice, and serious advice, not the halfasses shit some of you guys post that is generally unhelpful to anyone at all.

    I ask because every one of you has success with a different area more than the other, and I'm curious as to your thoughts on all this.

    the rest of my body will follow, and though I have manboobs, those will eventually fade with upper body work and fat loss, so I'm not worried about them. as my body currently is, I'm unhappy with all of it, I used to take pride in my calves but even those I'm starting to feel unhappy with, because it was the only part of my body that developed well even when i wasn't working out, but lately I've been so lazy that I can feel it in them as well.

    so, help me out guys, come monday I'll update this post with measurements, weight, and other stats I feel necessary.

    right now, my goal is to drop below 220, if I can get to 200, great, but I won't stress dropping that much just yet, until I'm below 220 :o I currently feel that I've got atleast 40 pounds to drop, this is minimum, I'm guestimating myself at 260 currently.

    so yeah.
    thats it.

    If you cannot contribute, don't say anything
  2. TheMustafa

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    May 21, 2003
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    Austin, Tx
    not sure about the lifting routine, other people will know better, but 1 day/week for entire upper body isnt gonna be enough prolly. aside from diet modifications, which it looks that you have down, lifting heavy w/ low reps is going to be the most beneficial. you sound liek you know whats up, so you probably know all that. I'd try to aim for lifting 4 days a week (chest/tri's, bi's/shoulders, back/abs, legs).

    cardio isnt as important as diet and lifting, but if you could do 30 min high intensity treadmill or elliptical post-workout, that would probably help get that fat off.

    i've heard oral collagen supplements dont do anything, as the collagen is almost entirely digested before it can be absorbed.

    look into adding Y to the EC stack (YC early mornings 2 hours before eating, EC 2x/day following), fish oil (6-12g/day; will actually stimulate fat loss, in addition to being beneficial to practically everything else), and green tea extract. sesathin is good, but expensive. however, between fish oil, green tea, and sesathin, you synergistically upregulate a lot of fat metabolism pathways.

    i'm a noob on here, so some things i say might be corrected by others later, but thats the best that i know. looks like you are on the right track.
  3. Demon Of Dreams

    Demon Of Dreams Feed me with lies and hate, and from that, I will

    Dec 27, 2001
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    Cruisin' Mos Espa
    it won't be a 1 day a week for any body part, but just saying basically i need to know what some decent splits are... i won't work out certain areas with others, but itneeds to be spread out enough I believe to give myself the extra recovery

    as far as cardio, I'm more inclined to do cardio on leg days to loosen them up a bit more because on an eliptical it also gets a good stretch in for legs :hs:

    I used to be big on cardio but I noticed after awhile that my results were actually better in the gym if I didn't do it becaues I do so much at work to begin with
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