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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by DigiCrime, Jan 23, 2005.

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    I had a couple friends that came over last night to pick up something they had left here a month ago and we ended up talkin about past stuff for bout 4 hours or better. I ended up diging out old pictures and re-thinking about the memories and what not. Today when I got up this morning i lhad eft them pictures on my desk from last night and started lookin at them again and got depressed. :wtc:

    Its funny how things change as you get older.. All these people I had known or knew had a decent life I guess they were happy but the choices they made.. majority of them are all druggies now, they knocked up their girlfriends or it was *unexpected* as they put it, had kids already so their lives change and their not the same anymore. One of my best friends as a child, grew up together, went to school together, you know that childhood friend youve had, he had two kids by the time he was 20, by 22 he had a stroke, and he just barely remembers me, his speech and motor skills are way off... this girl I had fell in love with but we ended up just being friends, shes lost touch with me, so we havent talked for a couple years now... Just in general everyone I think Ive hung out with, made a friend or two along the way, the choices that they have made in life is.... :dunno: how to explain it just not the same anymore. Im the same person I was 10 years ago, although my biggest hobby is gambling now, and I would like to meet someone my age or around my age male or female who shares my interests but Ive been told im one of the youngest gamblers at the casino I frequent from a few dealers, employee's and floor managers..... not saying I wont ever meet someone but aint easy, I dont know anyone my age who does what I do... friends dont really come with me, some I dont let for other reasons, a few come with me sometimes but critisize sometimes, most dont hang out no more drama developes, some struggle because of the children they have now..... its like, had I looked back even 5 years ago and had to guess where my friends would be today, I would of been way off.

    Just felt like venting....I miss doing the things I used to do and the friends I did knew... :hs:
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    everyone misses good things from the past, so don't feel like you're the only one. i've learned to accept friends change throughout different stages in life, and you're just at another one of those stages. eventually you'll find a new group of great friends and will start building new memories. in short, don't dwell on the past and keep happy
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