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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Ancoats, Dec 11, 2006.

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    I've been getting mixed signals off this chick. We went on two dates about a month back and had a great time, and arranged to meet up again (which will be towards the end of this week probably) however, over the last few weeks she was being a bit distant to me and being non-commitial. I had a heart to heart with her about it and she said she wasn't looking for anything serious just yet, just enjoying having fun and her freedom - which I am perfectly fine with and as I'm doing the exact same it would be a bit hypocritical of me to complain.

    Anyway, we are meeting up again, and she has already told me that I am boyfriend material, just not for a while as she and me are both busy and as we're commitment-o-phobes we are just taking it slowly. The one problem is that she is meeting someone else on Monday that she has admitted to me is probably her perfect partner, although nothing will probably happen as he is based in Germany in the Army. Should I be getting jealous? As my friend was telling me that he couldnt believe that I wasn't. My view is that as we're not together yet she can do what she likes, she is honest with me already which is a good thing and I tell her about girls I hook up with all the time.

    I would like her as my girlfriend eventually, and she feels the same way about me, but alot of my friends think that she may be stringing me along, when I am clearly not bothered either way. Its confusing though as she will tell me about this guy, then talk about what we're going to do when we next go on a date. It would be tearing my head out if I wasnt the sort of person to get jealous.

    So yeah anyway, whats our status so far? Am I right in not giving a fuck? Will I have a future with this girl? (Bear in mind I've known her for two years and the sexual chemistry between us is amazing. We can chat and joke for hours about anything)
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    -one month and two dates and you had a "heart-to-heart" already?
    -says you're boyfriend material but tells you she found another "perfect partner"?
    -you admit to not "giving a fuck" about someone you say you'd eventually like "as your girlfriend"?

    this isn't going to end well.

    anyway, IMO if you're having fun forget what your friends are saying and have your fun. But if you honestly think this girl could be more than just "fun" then you've got some decisions to make....and from what you've said, she's not going to like hearing a decision from you. Good luck.
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    I would keep appropriate distance , its a nice promise but seeing how she goes thru boys like fire goes thru the woods of Australia i would make sure to stay away and look from a distance in order not to burn myself.
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    Your status is:
    she's not that into you. You're somewhat more into her than she is you.

    What's driving you on:
    You haven't got anything better at the moment.

    How this will end:
    a tepid relationship at best. Eventually fizzles out due to lack of serious committment, or other better prospects showing up (for her).

    Your next move:
    try to get some asap. That is after all, your real goal here...isn't it? Be honest.

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