A&P HD Camcorders ... anyone have a recommendation?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by ace3, Aug 24, 2007.

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    (yes, it's a cross-post).

    Need to buy a consumer/prosumer HD camcorder. Size isn't a huge issue, but i don't want something huge. Something that can comfortably fit in a small camera bag or a briefcase would be awesome. Something around $1000.

    my other camcorder takes MiniDV tapes, and I understand you can get some HD cameras that use those as well ... that would be ideal, since I have ~50 blank tapes at home.

    any opinions or recommendations?

    also, anyone know how much HD content i can put on a regular MiniDV tape? I have a bunch of 60SP/90LP tapes

    (after doing some research, it looks like the Canon HV-20 is the hot shit for a consumer camera. anyone have one or have any other recommendations to look at?)
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    Surprisingly, the JVC HD GR-7 is an affordable miniDV HD camera that allows you to switch between SD and HD mode. I think if you're shooting in HD mode, it shoots directly to a card drive, but i'm not exactly sure. 3ccd sensor and the whole professional camera look for just under $1000.

    I would try to stay away from HD cameras that shoot HD onto the dv tape however. You are severely restricted with dv tapes. It's best to find one that shoots directly onto a card or harddrive. Come to think of it, I dont think there are any HD cameras that shoot onto DV. :dunno:

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