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Oct 26, 2006
You guys remember this from last year? Popped up on Gamestops site listed for preorder with a Nov 2010 release? Then quickly pulled and no one really talked about it? They had box art and definitely did exist, may have even been completed...

Now its listed as "canceled" on ign. Sucks. That would have been and amazing collection. Anyone hear anything about the games possibly being in the new one? I was googling last night trying to find any info on this collection coming out and found a few mentions that it was indeed canceled but is "being used in the new Mortal Kombat". Some said that it might just mean that all of the HD artwork that was completed is being used in the new one, hence all of the "klassic kostume" bonuses - others said that all 3 games that were meant for the collection will be included as secret unlockables with the game. One message board post even suggest that they will indeed be on the discs, but will be sold as DLC to "unlock" it from the discs.

We know that there are definitely old costumes for all of the characters, so maybe that's as far as they got with the collection and they're just using the work they had done...or maybe the games really were completed and it'll be a HUGE surprise either as secret bonus content, or future DLC. Hell, I'd buy a 99 dollar collectors edition if they had one that included the Arcade game remakes in HD

Anyone hear any anything about this? It would be inKredible if all 3 games were on the discs somewhere....I think canceling that was a really dumb move, so hopefully it exists or will at some point in the future.

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