1. I have a Dell system that was given to me that has decent specs(p4 2.9ghz 1gig ram). I just want to set it up as a browser really. It has a ton of spyware and virus's (virii) that i can't seem to shake, so i decided to reformat. well I have no dell discs and my copy of XP pro won't work as the code on the side of the dell box won't let it.

    So here's my question I have an 80gb HD from a Sony Vaio thats mother board blew up. The HD works fine as I have it running as a slave in one of my other Pc's just for extra space. I never formatted it when I hooked it up as the slave in the other PC.

    Can I just take that HD out and slap it in the dell and be good to go.

    I know it has a copy of windows on it. Will it work?:noes:
  2. Chris

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    Oct 27, 2003
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    If you never removed Windows from it then yes, set the jumper to master and you should be good
  3. 04JETTA

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    :wtf: are u sure u set it right

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