HDMI Wiring at work, a project and questions

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Boogieman117, Oct 7, 2009.

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    Hey all,

    I’m working on a project that I have no knowledge in and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on how to go about doing it. The library I work at has a HDTV that they want to hook video to for power points and DVD playback. Unfortunately, the computer and the TV are separated by a wall; the TV is on the public/circulation side of the wall, the computer is on the staff workroom side.

    We have a computer that has a DVI-out for video and plan on using a DVI->HDMI cord to connect the HDMI out on the cord to the TV directly or through wall jacks to eventually get to the TV. I don't want the straight-through method; personally I thnk it would look nasty.

    Since we have a DVI to HDMI cord already, then I thought the next step is to think out the wall jacks and how they would work. The first idea was to just punch a hole so that the DVI->HDMI cord would pass through the wall on both sides and go directly to the TV. My thoughts were the following:

    A DVI equipped computer uses the already purchased DVI-> HDMI cord to connect to HDMI Wall Jack #1 on the workroom/staff side of the wall, on the rear of the HDMI Wall Jack #1 on the workroom/staff side of the wall connects a 1.5 foot HDMI cord that stays hidden within the wall to connect the back of wall jack #1 to the back of wall jack #2 on the public/circulation side of the wall. Finally, the front of wall jack #2 would connect to the TV.

    Since I was using HDMI as the beginning and end source, we would end up with HDMI-based wall jacks. Found them here:

    Would need two wall brackets for the wall jacks to mount into:

    Since the wall plates themselves seem to require an HDMI between them to connect them and a HDMI cord to connect to the TV itself, a 1.5 foot HDMI cable should work fine:

    [FONT=&quot]Again, this is just a theory.

    My questions are:
    • Are all HDMI wall jacks 'female-ended'? Will I need an HDMI cord to 'bridge' or connect the two wall jacks?
    • A noob to this, I think it would work; what do you think?
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    Looks like a plan to me. It will work.

    And though your 1.5' in wall cable is very short, you could look into a CL3 rated one specifically for "in wall installation". (those I don't think you would see any degradation in your picture).

    Have fun doing it! looks like it will be a smooth and clean looking install.

    Oh and also, make sure you buy yourself a HDMI cable from 'jack #2' to the TV itself (i'm sure you thought of this, but I didn't see it in your list of purchases from firefold).

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