TECH Head unit recommendations for two very different setups. SUGGESTIONS please.


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Feb 20, 2002
Irmo, SC
First car: My newly purchased 2000 Firebird

Setup will be as follows (coming from Kee Audio, who sponsors ls1tech):
1.) CDT EU-61CV (doors)
2.) CDT HD-6CF midbass driver (sails)
3.) Skip the hatch speakers...
4.) Hushmat 39sqft. 20 pieces of 12" x 23" Floor and Dash kit (yes, I'm pulling the interior :wtc:)
5.) AK4 4ga wiring kit good for 1600watts
6.) Stinger RCA cables x 2 extra for amp
7.) Raptor Speaker wire: 14ga 50ft.
8.) Harness adapter, antenna adapter

This is being driven by a Hifonics 5 channel amp. I also already have a sub & enclosure.

I'm looking for a HU that has USB, front Aux input and is XM/Sirius ready. I realize now that I don't really care about CDs any more, so I'm fine with not having a CD player if that's a cheaper option. I want a HU that's user-friendly and tunes easy.

Second car: the gf's 2005 Nissan Altima

The sound system (aside from the HU) in this car will remain stock for now. However she wants the front Aux in as well and I'll go ahead and say that USB would be a plus. Pretty sure that losing the CD player wouldn't be a big deal either, since she just wants to stream music off her phone into an Aux in. Considering XM for her as well.

We both use Android phones, not iphones.
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Feb 20, 2002
Irmo, SC

I'm wondering if I should just dump XM altogether and rely on the phone for streaming media?


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Jul 15, 2001
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ipod, thumb drives, and record company royalties are killing sat radio... and oem sat radio in new cars, gets more new customers than the aftermarket... just people drop them after the freebie is up.


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Aug 25, 2003
if now you don't care about sat radio, you can probably still find these locally i've installed over a 100 of them during their run, and they are a hell of a good unit.

i have the HU, but a couple models up, cda-105...thing is awesome. usb and aux (from the back, not front) easily wired through the glove box. lots of options.

i still need to get the feel for scrolling through for music from phone/ext hdd.

i just realized this HU can only comprehend up to 100 folders when using an external hdd...super lame.
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