A&P Headlight picture suggestion?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by The Acclude, May 29, 2003.

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    I wanna take pics of my HID's but the glare is rather bad. With out buying a filer of some sort is there anyway to get a cleaner pic of the lights?
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    You can try speeding up the shutter speed a little bit until you get more desireable results, also depending on your cameras features there should be a lot of adjustments which can be made to compensate for different lighting conditions... I think speeding up the shutter speed could be helpful enough though... also use a tripod to get the camera 100% steady so no blurring is caused in the photo.
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    Are u taking them from a distance or up close?
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    Simple. Don't shine the headlights directly into the lens. Shoot the photo from an oblique angle. Shutter speed won't make any difference unless you pour a ton of light on the rest of the car. If you shoot at a shutter speed fast enough to cut the exposure time of the lights, the rest of the car will be dark.

    You might want to shoot the photo during the late afternoon, just before dark. That way you'll have enough light on the car that you can use a faster shutter speed.
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