SRS Hearing loss and speech problems.

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    I made a thread back in July of this year simply discussing my problems of interaction with people. I needed to get hearing aids back then and everyone recommended them. I had a talk with my family, so I got them.

    Lets see.
    I was born in Ukraine, and moved to Canada when I was 10. When in Ukraine, don't remember when but I was probably 5 or so. I used to go to a speech therapist because the teachers at my school thought I could not communicate well. I was wondering what it was because I absolutely had no clue and no one complained. Anyway when I moved to Canada, In the first year one teacher reccomended to my parents I go and check my hearing. Lo and behold, my low frequency hearing dips down on the graph to almost 1/4 of the required level. So I started wearing the hearing aids in elementary shcool until I graduated (Big behind the ear ones) I got made fun of a bit but who cares. Then being a self conscious 14 year old, I had smaller hearing aids, which were relly not noticeable, but I stopped wearing them shortly, and didnt wear them until now.

    Now I'm 20 and I got a new set in the beginning of school year. I got no new friends over the years and I decided that I had to change. The hearing aids are certainly much better than the old ones. They are digital and they only improve the area that I dont hear, and don't just amplify everything. I had the hearing specialist up-the volume on them as well so everything was optimized.

    However, I just continue to blame everything on my hearing loss. The hearing aids as well. Even though the hearing aids are GREAT, they are not perfect, and my hearing will never be. Let my explain why.

    For example. during lecture breaks, before or after the professor come over (or outside in the hall), everyone talks, it gets quite loud and my hearing aids pick up things Equally up to 3 feet. I find it hard to hear people there, where as people talk using normal levels of speech. I adressed this problem with the hearing specialist and he said theres not much he can do in that area, he can program buttons to increase volme or decrease volume. That doesn't solve my problem though.

    Also, when walking around with group of people that I met, even when it is relatively quiet outside, I cannot decipher the conversations. Usually they talk to each other, they dont make eye contact (lip synching is something that I have to use heavily in groups, not so when I talk one on one) , they get interrupted, change tones.... Sometimes time they make jokes and I just can't hear them. I laugh and nod sometimes when I can't hear, I interact and imput when I can but I am not "part" of the group. They know I have a hearing loss, but they do not go out of their way to stop talking, and explain to me what someone said. Why should they?

    Also, when people whisper, it will be a problem for me, hearing aids or not. When hearing aids amplify, the amplification is Unnatural. If someone says (this is very confusing during whispering as vowels and constants can get misinterpreted) "ch" or "sh" or "t" or "s" the hearing aids amplify everything as "ch". This is the biggest problem. Without hearing aids its even worse, I cannot even decipher constants. If I miss a letter, I miss a word, If I miss a word, I do not understand the context of sentence.

    In conclusion, I cannot function in groups. I need to find a circle of best friends which are unrelated to anyone. I currently have 1 best friend joined a BMW enthusiast club which I socialize with. This is enough for me to be happy. I feel that my school (2nd year university) forgets about my hearing loss once I mention to them. I say sorry, I didnt hear that. but I can't say it every 30 seconds when I'm in a group. Sometimes I think I should get rid of the in ear haring aids and get huge behind the ear ones. People just dont see anything in my ear, and don't think I have a problem, which irritates me.
    This is why I avoid social gatherings and parties. Talking to girls becomes extra hard. I don't think I'm nervous or insecure. But the way I talk and the way I hear. Well what can I do about that. People will have to accept me. Maybe when I enter the workforce things will look up.
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    Hey buddy, I've got hearing loss too. I can barely understand people in groups, so it can be frustrating. I simply tell people to speak up!

    As far as meeting girls, I met my girlfriend at Petsmart (pet store) where it's nice and quiet. When we went on our first date, I took her to a quiet place, and sat close enough so I could hear her.

    Yeah, it sucks, but you just have to compensate for it. No biggie.
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    Ok i have a few ideas for you. Im a college student and a sign language interpreter. i see your situation everyday. Ya need to MAKE the school help you. Get a notetaker - volunteer from the class.Have your professor or do it yourself announce to the class that ya need a notetaker cuz of your hearing loss. Tell your prefessors about your hearing loss so they are aware and maybe can find ways to help you.
    Once people kno about your hearing loss they will be more considerate(most will anyways) but they have to kno. I kno ya maybe be embarressed but LOT of people have hearing loss.
    Dont hope things will get better start tryin to make things get better. As long you dont make the school accountable they wont be. I assume ya pay tuition like everyone else so you have rights and one of those is for them to accomidate your hearing loss. Make them take notice of you and make them help. Thats what they are there for.
    Sorry i dont mean to rant but i dont like to see people strugglin. Feel free to email PM - or wutever.

    Good luck:)

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