hello, need help picking a pda phone.

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by bokhan, Jan 31, 2008.

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    first off, i don't know anything about pda phones so any help is appreciated. :big grin:

    i have t-mobile and would like to stay with them.

    what i mostly need from the phone is easy note-taking and retrieving, scheduling/calendar and quality of phone reception.

    internet and email are secondary to those first three things.

    any suggestions? :bigthumb:
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    I would go with the BB 3100 or Pearl (same phone) I had T-mobile for a little while and I loved the phone. I did so many things and was helpful in a lot of ways. So small and compact So many features the keypad takes some getting used to, but trust me once you do it's so worth it. I tried both the Sidekick 3 and the SK LX before that. Both really cool looking phones, but not very practical at all. Althought the LX was a lot slimmer it still was to bulky to try to have a realitively long conversation on. I would go with the pearl just because its small, it does everything the cool SK's can do and its so much more practial. I had 10x better reception with the pearl as well. I live in Maine so as far as judging it with other areas, I can't. But, I could tell that it had the best reception phone wise between the SK3 and the SK LX. Look on Phonescoop.com really helpful website has all the info on pretty much any phone ever made and reviews. Very nice

    good luck..

    oh did I mention BB Pearl FTW

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