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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by serialpimp, Mar 5, 2003.

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    I have a ECS Elitegroup K7S5A Board, ( I know, but it was cheap)
    ECS doesn't list it on their site, but they do list the K7S5A Pro and the K7S5A Pro and the K7S5A V3.X , I pretty sure I don't have the K7S5A+ that they list cause mine is SiS 735 Chipset,

    ECS Site:

    My Question that I need help with is what is the baddest single stick of memory that I can buy for my board????

    I would like to get something like this:

    I was thinking I would buy One 512 Stick of some badass Ram and later buy a second down the line after a while, I also plan on upgrading to another board eventually, but in time, as the $$$ makes itself available.

    but can I not use DDR433 cause my board only supports DDR266 ?????????

    Right now I have two sticks of 256 PC133 SDRAM
    The rest of the system is:
    7200RPM Western Digital 20 GIG HD
    AMD XP2000 Processor
    ATI All In wonder 7500 w/remote control, video, and capture card
    I have some $45 Soundblaster Card,
    and your typical CD-RW and a DVD-ROM
    430 Watt Enermax Power supply in a NOBLESSE CASE,

    THANKS, If ya'll ever need any help with car stuff, just ask that is my specialty..Thanks
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    Try looking the board up on or If listed, they will tell you what you can use.
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    You can always underclock the RAM. People have been running PC133 at PC100 and PC66 speeds forever. The same should apply here. If you get DDR400 RAM, it will run at DDR266 speeds without a problem. It has been rated to run at a maximum speed of 200 MHz and should have no problem running at 133 MHz.

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