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Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by 6SpeedTA95, May 5, 2004.

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    Well last time I used mcguires gold class paste, no buffer did it by hand it sucked...I washed the car twice to make sure there was no dirt on it, then dried the car thoroughly and applied the wax...well now after lots of reading turns out there lots of stuff I could/should do, like clay bar etc...well I'm not too familiar with this stuff...mechinically my car is perfect, and I need to keep the exterior good too...I plan on probably using zaino this time or perhaps the new mcguires nxt or whatever its what do I need to do to do this right?
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    clay bar if the surface of your paint feels rough

    then if you have swirl marks use meguiars swirl free polish or swirl remover 2.0

    then you want to use a polish - like vanilla moose

    then a sealent or wax like meguiars NXT or S100.

    one you do all this you can just do the last step every other month.

    Scott has had some very good experience with the poorboy's line of stuff - but I'm not familiar with it
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    About every 3 months should be good.

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