Help burning DVDs - ive looked everywhere ..

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Supreme Allah, Oct 18, 2004.

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    i searched neros website, OT, SA, dvdwrite, and about a dozen other major websites that help w. this shit, and im getting nowhere

    situation - bought a samsung 16x dvd burner today. installed it. it reads discs fine, and its being recognized as a burner. came w. nero express and a bunch of other crap. i install nero - and i got the update from website to v.6 - and i also downloaded winAVI converter.

    so, i convert a 30 minute mpeg into DVD format. get nero started up. go through the process of starting to burn and when i get to the VERY LAST SCREEN, everything is lit up except the BURN icon. ive messed around with the various settings according to different advise, and nothings worked. so everythings reset to default right now. it seems like its one of those demo programs where it lets you do everything except save your work, if you know what i mean. but i know its the full version.

    FAQs ive already answered tonight - yes i have SP2, yes they are new blank discs, yes i registered nero w. the serial #, and also i had nero do a speed test on my new burner just to make sure they were talking to each other.

    any info or help appreciated. feel free to link me to another site but i will bet dollars to donuts ive already been there today and spent at least an hour on it.

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