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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by BluePhoenix451, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. ok hopefully someone will read this tonight because i have a video project due tomorow. I have to edit this video, but i can't get it on my computer with sound for some reason. I'm bad with audio stuff. does it go through the usb cable or the AV out cable? what do i set my imput source to in order to catch sound from the camera?? THANKS ANYONE WHO CAN SAVE ME
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    Depending on what program you are using to capture, there should be an audio source setting in the program. The default is usually the PC's sound card. You need to change it to the camera.
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    What format camcorder is it? MiniDV, Digital8...? What ports do you have on your camcorder? Firewire, USB, 1/4" AV jack...?

    Firewire and USB will carry both audio and video to whatever program you're using to capture it on your PC (i.e. Windows Movie Maker v.2). As cmsurfer said, verify your settings in the program.

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