!HELP! Computer crashes while on aim... v. No Vid with long beeps

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by teknovin2, Aug 4, 2006.

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    While talking on aim my computer shut off and I had to press the power button to turn it back on. When I pressed the power button in the front the computer sounded like it was fine, fans on, cd drives workin but there isn't any video. Then i hear a loud 2 second beep followed by 4 seconds of silence and then the 2 second beep again. That beeping pattern continues until i manually shut off the comp. I checked all the cables and cards to make sure everything is tight and in place. I dont know whats wrong with my system. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    my setup:
    This system was put together about a year and a half ago by a buddy of mine cause im not too knowledgeable about comps.

    Mother Board:
    MSI "K8N Neo4 Platinum SLI" NVIDIA nForce4 SLI Chipset Motherboard For AMD Socket 939 CPU -RETAIL

    AMD Athlon 64 FX-55, 1MB L2 Cache, 64-bit Socket 939 Processor - Retail

    Video Cards:
    ATI All-In-Wonder X800 XT 100-714200 Radeon X800XT 256MB GDDR3 AGP 4X/8X Video Card - Retail

    Sound card:
    [FONT=&quot]Creative Audigy 2 ZS[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]

    Hard drives:
    Seagate 7200.8 300GB 7200RPM SATA NCQ Hard Drive, Model ST3300831AS, OEM

    Western Digital Raptor 74GB 10,000RPM SATA Hard Drive, Model WD740GD, OEM Drive Only


    Patriot Dual Channel Kit 184-Pin 1GB(512MB x 2) DDR PC-3200 w/ XBL Technology - Retail [FONT=&quot]x 2[/FONT]

    CD/DVD drives:
    Lite-On 16X DVD Dual Drive, Model SOHW-1633S Black, OEM

    Lite-On Black 52X32X52X16 Combo Drive, Model SOHC-5235K BLACK, OEM

    Fans and Heatsinks:
    Thermalright Heatsink for P4 & K8 CPUs, Heatsink Only, Model "XP-90" -RETAIL

    Panasonic Panaflo 92 x 25mm Cooling Fan, Model "FBA09A12U-1A" -OEM

    Power Supply:
    Antec 550W Power Supply, 24-Pin, Model "TRUE550 EPS12V" - Retail


    ASPIRE 609 Fan Master Thermal Monitor -RETAIL

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