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  1. My father has an audio recording computer running Windows XP SP1, and he has a DigiDesign Digi002 :)eek: mixer thingy) hooked up to it via a FireWire PCI card. It's been working fine, but all of a sudden earlier this week the software that accesses the Digi002 started reporting that it couldn't detect the hardware.

    He's tried System Restore repeatedly and he's also tried plugging the Digi002 into each three of the ports on the PCI card in his computer. According to him, each of these fixes has worked exactly once and never again. What the hell is going on here?

    I've had the same problem with my mother's computer, except that it happens with her USB devices; all of a sudden, Windows (also XP SP1) will stop detecting the device and report that it has malfunctioned, but it starts working again when I plug the problem device into a different USB port. Does anybody know what causes these problems, and mayhap how to fix them?
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    Not too sure about why it happens, but how about moving the firewire card to another PCI slot? I would take the card out, boot the machine without it, and then shut if off, switch PCI slots, and turn it back on.

    It could also be a driver issue... When you re-install the card, make sure you force it to use the drivers on the CD if you have one.

  3. Well, that sounds like a plausible fix. But it doesn't really help prevent the problem; I wish I knew why Windows XP, with it's "Compatible-With-Everything-Ever-Made" UPnP, has problems like this that I've never seen before in any previous release.

    Btw...the computer is inside a 19" rackmount case, which in turn is inside a shock-insulated portable equipment rack. So taking it apart is an absolute last resort.

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