HELP!!! I'm a beginner with Apache!

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by bigfootinthejungle, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. Hey, I have just downloaded Apache. I am a computer major, and I have a project where I have to run a web site on my own computer as a server. I don't know a single thing about apache or even how to get it started. I have to be able to run MySQL on it also, which I have also downloaded. I know a little bit about mySQL, but not much, but I have created a small database on my machine to test it. Can somebody tell me where to start with Apache. I barely even know where it is on my computer. Thanks!
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    Highly recommend you check out some of the HOW-TOs that are out there (hit google and you'll find plenty). The hard part is finding one with the info you need ("install Apache" or something like that should do it).

    But without knowing the OS its kind of tough. Start up the Apache service and see if you can connect to it via a browser from another machine. If so, then all you need to do is configure it. If not, then you need to make sure Apache is running, installed properly, and make sure there's no firewalls blocking the path. You can run "lynx localhost" or "lynx [machine's IP address]" or "lynx" and if you do get an Apache welcome web page (but not from another machine), then you have a network problem - if you get a page not found message, then Apache is not running.

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