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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Guest, Jan 31, 2002.

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    I bought an ATi all in wonder card from a coworker and it's a good deal I suppose, but with my PS2 hooked up to it, the pictures are less than stellar and the sound rivals that of a AM band radio station. I know the PS2 has some optical port on the back but otherwise they use components RED/WHITE/BLACK wires :p

    Anyways, I plugged it to my video card via the components and the picture/sound is crap-tastic.

    How can I improve the quality ? The sound I should mention has to be rigged up from some headphone rca/jack crap in the back thourhg some video input device.. wish I had pic to better illustrate what I mean..

    Do video cards typically attach to the sound card via an internal wire ? much like a sound card > cdrom setup ?

    PS don't move this to the PC forum, its much more suited for the AV minds of this forum.

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    Video cards are not attached to the sound card at all, the limitation might be the maximum resolution allowed by the input on the video in. BTW I'm one of the Comp Forum Mods :big grin:
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    thats not always true. my voodoo 3 3500 connected to my soundcard much like a cdrom does to a soundcrad. But that was because it had the radio and cable tuner on it.
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    The card has some pins to connect but since I bought this off a coworker not all the parts are there, atleast not the connecting cable/wire. I tried the ones I had for my MP3+ LIVE card but it doesn't fit.

    I guess watching silent movies/tv isn't too bad :(
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    Unfortunately there isn't alot to do about the quality of the picture. It shouldn't be too bad (mine is pretty close to that of my TV) but the sound can go through an internal cable if you get some cables to do it with. You're right, they aren't the same as the one's that most CD-ROMs hook to sound cards with, so you might have to buy new ones, but they are pretty common as well, so it shouldn't be too hard to find. You're local computer parts store should have one end of a cable that is universal (three different types of plugs) and then just choose the other end for what you need and you should be fine. Hooking to the soundcard directly in the back should be almost the same, but buy the wires and see if it makes a sound quality difference.

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