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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by lazarus, May 14, 2007.

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    Firstly, what is the difference between these 2...

    The second one is £120 more expensive but they both look the same to me. Looking for a TV for my new house, was getting a 42" plasma but I cut my budget back a bit so I could get an xbox 360 too. Budget is now around £600/650. This one looked ok too:[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=cccgaddkldlihegcflgceggdhhmdfhk.0&page=Product&sku=739566&fm=11&sm=undefined&tm=undefined

    Also, what is the difference between 1024x768 and 1366x768? Is the latter better for widescreen stuff, and will it squash a normal TV picture or change it to 'letterbox' view or something?

    Thanks for any help, I don't really know much when it comes to new TV technology.

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