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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by vettefan52, May 27, 2007.

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    ok, i am going to get one of the following, i dont know which as i would love to have them both but cant afford both right now.

    i have an ak47 RPD... this bad mother fucker is belt fed with 100rd drums... NEW drums and a belt costs 24.99 each... cheap shit in retrospect. its got a bipod, and its certainly a rare rare rare gun to see someone shooting. you cant just build an RPD either, its not like a normal stamped ak reciever/rivet job. this is a bad fucking gun! price is 1899

    option two is a 7.62 yugo M92 Krinkov pistol. they run about a grand give or take 30 for shipping/transfers. before someone says "why dont you SBR the krink" thats not an option for me right now. so its a krink pistol or the RPD... both are badass, with the krink pistol, i could carry it during the winter with a leather jacket...get a custom back holster made for it also. however, the entire idea that you cant hold the pistol with one hand due to the weight kinda moves me towards the RPD, as well as the bullshit "no forward grips on a pistol" bullshit the atf spews... im not forming anything. i cant and wont.

    which would you choose, and why? both are 7.62x39 caliber, i wont shoot or buy anything else. no 5.45, regardless of how cheap it is. im already stocked in 7.62
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    RPD, I like Krinks but it would have to be SBR or AOW and not yugo.

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