help me create a simple 45min-1hr gym workout routine

Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by pharcyde183, Jun 22, 2005.

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  1. pharcyde183

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    Sep 16, 2002
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    I just want to work out in the gym the main idea for this is to get my metabolism way up and lose some weight.

    Should i focus on free weights and lifting or work on any of the machines?
    Just something simple.

    I usually do dumbbells and then like the chest machine shit, pushups and situps.
    what should i be doing?

    My goal is to lose 20-25lbs by September 1.

    Cutting out diet soda, no snacks except fruit which i will have 3 times a day, and going for 500cal per meal. 1 hour in the gym each day (or should i just go M W F and then Sun?) and then 30minutes cardio in the morning on the elliptical and 30mins cardio in the afternoon WITH the gym workout (should i do it before or after i lift?)

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    Nov 19, 2003
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    as posted by christophers (here: )

    took me to 400 squat 250ish bench 425 deadlift in a very short amount of time. i think this kind of program is what a lot of people need to be using on f&n, as a lot of you have no base, muscle mass, and lack strength. quit worrying aobut elaborate programs, eat and do this and you'll have a strong base in no time. don't whine about bench/squat/dead in the same workout as most of you can easily handle that.

    Squats-5x5(Do four progressively heavier sets of 5 with the 5th set being your 5RM.)
    Deadlifts-5x5(Do the same)
    Bench Press-5x5(Do the same)
    Incline DB Press-2x12-20

    Light Squats or Lunges-4x8 each leg
    Good Mornings-3x8-12
    Shoulder Press-5x5 or Dips-4xmax until you get 12 each time. then add weight.

    Squats-warmup to a 3 reps with 5 more lbs than you used on Monday. On the following monday use this weight for your 5th set.
    Bent Over Row-5x5
    Incline Bench-5x5
    Tricep Extensions-2x12-20

    Oh and read the stickies.... all of them
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