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    One of my friends just upgraded most of his audio equipment. He bought some nice Boston Acoustic floorstandings, their center channel, and the matching rears. I went to the audio place with him and I listened to some speakers as well. Just had some basic questions. I am primarily using these speakers for my home theater. I watch movies often, but 60% of the time I will be listening to music. The other 40% will be movies. Right now I have a Denon AVR3805 Receiver which I will be getting rid of for a Rotel a/v processor and probably one of their amplifiers as well.

    I listened to the Boston VRM 80's. They sounded good.
    The VRM90's are what my friend bought. The 3 way speaker design is alot better than the VRM 80. Huge difference between the two for the money.

    3-way, reference floorstanding loudspeaker with system-specific, high-grade crossover networks
    Dual 6½" DCD™ woofers offer extended excursion (see Technology)
    Rich, hand-rubbed real hardwood cherry or black ash finishes give the VR-M90 the appearance of fine furniture
    1" VR® tweeter with anodized aluminum dome, AMD™, and extruded aluminum heat sink (see Technology)
    Die-cast aluminum baskets in all midrange and bass drivers dissipate heat to increase power handling (see Technology)
    5-way gold-plated binding posts for hook-up flexibility and the purest signal transfer
    MagnaGuard® magnetic shielding prevents video interference (see Technology)
    Internally braced cabinets eliminate unwanted resonance
    Cast aluminum bottom plate with height-adjustable feet
    Reference-quality Boston Sound™

    These are around $2700/pair

    Then the guy through in a curve ball. B&W 804s floorstandings. I've always thought B&W speakers were a bit over-rated for what you got. But these sounded amazing.


    Technical Specifications : 804S

    Description 3-way vented-box system
    Dimensions Height: 1020mm (40.2 in) (not including feet)
    Width: 238mm (9.4 in)
    Depth: 351mm (13.8 in)
    Net Weight 28kg (62 lb)
    Freq. Response 38Hz - 22kHz ±3dB on reference axis
    Freq. Range -6dB at 30Hz and 50kHz
    Sensitivity 90dB spl (2.83V, 1m)
    Normal Impedance 8 ohms (minimum 3.0 ohms)
    Power Handling 50W - 200W into 8 ohms on unclipped programme
    Drive Units Unit 1: 1x 25mm (1 in) aluminium dome high-frequency
    Unit 2: 1x 150mm (6 in) woven Kevlar® cone FST midrange
    Unit 3: 2x 165mm (6.5 in) Rohacell® cone bass
    Finish Cabinet: Real wood veneers of Cherrywood, Rosenut or Black Ash
    Grille: Black cloth
    Dispersion Description: Within 2dB of reference response
    Horizontal: over 60º arc
    Vertical: over 10º arc
    Harmonic Distortion 2nd and 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m)
    <1% 90Hz - 22kHz
    <0.5% 120Hz -20kHz
    Crossover Frequency 350Hz, 4kHz
    Max. Recommended Cable Impedance 0.1 ohms

    These were about $3500/pair.

    The prices quoted were just list pricing at their location. They said they can adjust pricing.

    I am just looking for feedback on either of the two speakers. They both sound great. I like the sound of the B&W's a little more than the Boston's, but I just don't know if that justifies the price difference. Again, I have never owned either of these two brands, and would like someone with background knowledge to give me some info or opinion. The guy at the audio place was trying to get me to go with the B&W's but he's a salesmen, so I don't trust his judgement that much.


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