help me figure out if my sub should be covered under warranty

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by sinbon1, May 26, 2005.

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    I purchased an Elemental Designs E15A subwoofer from a person on a forum about a year and a half ago and was very satisfied with its performance. After a while I noticed that it started to make a rattle noise. Upon further inspection of the subwoofer, I realized that the flat "cone" was starting to crack. I checked the company's website and looked for the warranty and return policy. Just my luck! It stated you need the original receipt (from the company) which was included when i purchased the subwoofer from the person on the forum, and that ALL subwoofers within 3 years of their original purchase (the original purchase of this subwoofer was April 29, 2003) are covered under full warranty WHICH IS transferrable. Great I thought, so I shipped the product in. In the past few days since they have recieved it, they have been telling me that it is not covered and that they changed their policy with the advent of a new line, and that the old subwoofers are not covered. Yet, it clearly states on the top of their policy that ALL of their products are covered. Is someone willing to check out this warranty with a little more knowledge than I and let me know my options? I personally think it should be covered.

    Here is a link to the warranty:

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
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    Did you get a copy of the old warranty with the sub? The warranty terms when the driver was produced are what matters. The old warranty might not be transferrable.

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