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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Rollupon18s, Jul 28, 2004.

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    hey, well im ready 2 get a tattoo , im not sure if i want it on the side of my calf or on the underside of my forearm , now my brother passed away back in april now im thinking i want a black cross, and sience im white, i would leave the r.i.p the color of my skin, and i think under the cross i want his initials and a 81-04 ... does anyone have any pics( ideas) of cross's or ur opinion on where i should get the tattoo ... or just any pics of r.i.p tatts done anything... ( btw the reason im thinking my forearm or the side of my calf ) is becuase im not the skinniest guy so i never have my shirt off or wear sleevless shirts so u wouldnt see it on my bicept, ... any ideas would be helpfull
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    well, one thing to remeber is your calf is much easier to cover for work and the such. I did read all of your posts, but sondier it. As for ideas, try to draw up what you want, and have someone touch up if your not the best artist.
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    i did this in photoshop a few min. ago .., i suck at this but o well i was kinda thinking something like this maybe

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    IMO it would look better facing the other way if you were to get it on your forearm.. but I think the proper place would be on your leg/calf with more detail ask a local tattoo artist to draw you up something and sit with him give him ideas and im sure you will be much happier than if you just go in and say this is what i want.

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