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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Serialpimp, Jan 1, 2009.

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    So I need to buy a new notebook/laptop in the next 5 days,

    Because I currently use Windows XP and Office 2003 on my home desktop and office, I wanted to stick with that,
    My options for an easy to order a Notebook from Dell or HP are kinda limited if I want to get it with Windows XP, and require a 10-Key, since everything comes with Vista for the most part.

    It Must have a 10-key(NumPad) on the right hand side, cause I do Finance & Accounting.
    So that means 17"

    Looks like I am going to get a a new notebook w/ Vista
    and install my legit copy of Office 2003 Professional on it.
    Please advise me if you think this is a bad idea?
    My understanding is my license should be good for two installs, one on my desktop and one on my notebook, and that Office 2003 should work fine with Vista as the OS.

    Will I have any problems getting both my Vista notebook and XP Desktop to work with a new wireless All In One WiFi HP Printer at home?

    I am looking at the Dell Studio 17
    and the Hewlett Packard DV7

    Please advise if there are any other models I should be looking at,
    Please advise if I should shop anywhere other than the HP & Dell websites and Best Buy,
    Are there any good deals going on right now that I should know about?

    I will be using this to do a bunch of finance and accounting, and some financial modeling software than can be fairly intensive, ( like takes 4-7 minutes to run through all the calculations/iterations sometimes once complete) and to use it the same way everyone else uses their normal notebook, a lil powerpoint, internet surfing, emaill and maybe watch a movie on a trip or something.

    Best Buy has both the HP DB7 and a Red Dell Studio 17 for $699,
    I liked them both in person and was leaning toward those.

    Your comments are appreciated, thanks,!!!
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    what model is the printer? Im thinking you should be fine.

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