Help me please, "melting" battery terminal

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by bigman7903, Feb 13, 2010.

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    Alrighty, I have a few questions.

    I currently have:
    Pioneer Premier 540mp
    Profile AP1000m (wired to two ohm, 500rms, 1000max)
    Ascendant Audio Arsenal 12" Dual 4ohm
    Planet Audio VX2004 (wired to two ohms, 100max, don't exactly know the rms but approximately 70rms seeing as it's [email protected])
    Infinity 62.7i 6.5" coaxials 2ohm (one pair, only the front)
    Running 0 gauge wire to the amps, 4ga from the amps to the woofers, I'm not sure of the speaker wire to the speakers themselves. 200amp fuse
    1999 Mitsu Galant 2.0

    Problem, Installed a new battery in March of 2008, just died on me yesterday. I was probably stupid and left a dome light on, but honestly I don't remember. Got it jumped through one of those emergency battery pack jumpers (black and decker) and it started up immediately. Drove to the security office to drop it off, as they had let me borrow it. I drove about 1 mile away and had to brake for a stop and it stalled and obviously wouldn't start on me. Towed to a local shop where I've had work done before.

    They tell me today that my battery terminal was "melting" because of the high draw of energy from the battery and that if I didn't put more in-line protection on the system it would catch fire.

    I don't want to hook the fuse back in and cause something like that, but on the same plane, I've had a system of similar size in the car since 2003 and this is the first mention of something like this.

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    only time i've seen lead clamps melt, was when someone used a battery charger on the 200amp setting to charge it instead of jumpstart... now i've seen the stamped metal clamps get ate through, but that's usually from corrosion.
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    Sounds like maybe the power wire is shorting out somewhere maybe?

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