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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Shaggy007, Nov 29, 2004.

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    I'm rebuilding one of my linux boxes with some new drives that I got. One is a 20G, one is 80G, and the other is a 160G.

    I was planning on having the 20G being the main / partition having /var on there as well since Debian(the disrto I use the most) uses var for it's package usage and can get kinda big. Was going to have a swap partition on there for good form but was going to make it small maybe only 256 megs.

    Beyond that was going to have an mp3 partition on the 80G and going to have a small apache partition. It was also going to have the Home directory on there as well.

    The 160G was going to be my main storage drive for video downloading I do. So I'm not too worried about that.

    My main question is about the 20 and the 80, I'm not too sure how to set the sizes for the 2 partitions. Is there anything I should add on for the partitions? Is there anything special about the Reiserfs that I should know about as well?

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