Help me with Blackberry & Sprint!! *blackberry n00b*

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Fishbait, Mar 14, 2005.

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    Sup sup! First post to the OT Cell Phone forum.. :bigthumb:

    Anyways.. my dad has Sprint and just got a Blackberry 7750 from them.. First off they charged him $549 for the fawkin' thing and then gave him $100 credit so now down to $449. He's been w/ Sprint for probably 5 years now as a normal phone user. I think they are totally fucking him. :greddy:

    Now they are telling him that he has to pay $45 / month extra if he wants an email address for his blackberry phone and to be able to send email and shit.. I thought the whole point of blackberry was that you could install an app on your computer that would check all your personal emails and then send them to the Blackberry server which would in turn "download" them to your phone.

    Is this not correct? :dunno:

    I know a fair amount about cell phones and whatnot and always buy mine on Ebay or likewise rather than paying out the nose from the service provider. I found some Nextel 7750's on Ebay for $369 and shit. (I understand they wouldn't work for him, just comparing.)

    Does anyone here have specific knowledge of Blackberry and Sprint combined? If so would you please provide details on your setup / costs. I think he's getting bent over the table on this one.


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    the $45 extra is for "data." thats the exact reason why i dont have a smart/pda phone...i just cant handle another $45 on top of my regular plan. :hs:

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