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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Se3n, Jan 22, 2002.

  1. Se3n

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    I'm looking to put a new system in my WRX (when I get it in about a month), and I'm not sure what to get. Right now I have a JL 12w3 running off a JL 250/1 amp in my Celica (trust me, it ONLY looks fast) and I'm really not happy with it. I think I want two 10's in the new ride. Any suggestions on a sub/amp combo? No more than $1000, please. I'd love to keep it between 500-750... I listen to a wide variety of music, rap, techno, new rock, classic rock etc. so whatever would be best for that. Thanks fellas. :bigthumb:

    Also, any good websites to check the stuff out and get prices would be wonderful. You guys are the bestest. :big grin:
  2. Axilrod

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    Try a ported box and more power.
  3. Axilrod

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    Oh yeah good websites:
  4. mtxzx2

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    :nono: JL is bad :down:
  5. Se3n

    Se3n Guest

    I know JL is bad, goddamnit. :fawk: That's why I want opinions on good shit...

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