Help please explain OVT to me

Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by seventh circle, Nov 15, 2005.

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  1. So basicaly I'm a fuckin moron. The way this guy has explained this lifting program is so fucking confusing

    That's the link.

    Ive done OVT twice. But I'm pretty sure I did it wrong each time :o First I did it where I do a superset for bench. No rest between sets. Then next was DB flies and I would rest 2 min between sets.

    But I thought a super set was 2 different excercises with out rest. So the next time I did it where I would do bench then with out rest do one set of the DB flies and then rest 2 min and repeat. But that doesnt seem right to me.

    So what the fuck. He says everything should be a superset. So The only other way I could think of is each done with out rest. Then after the five sets of the 2nd excercise you rest 2 min?

    I dunno :o
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    This way is right.
  3. Ok I'm 4 weeks into it this time and this is how I have been doing it. Thank god :o
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